ELIGARD (Leuprolide Acetate)


ELIGARD (Leuprolide Acetate) is a synthetic nonapeptide analog of naturally occurring gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) that, when given continuously, inhibits pituitary gonadotropin secretion and suppresses testicular and ovarian steroidogenesis.

Used for the management of advanced prostate cancer, it acts as a “luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone” (LHRH) agonist lowering male hormone levels specifically, the hormone testosterone.

It is also used to treat endometriosis (endometrium of the uterus grows excessively and causes symptoms like pain, heavy or irregular periods), uterine fibroids, and central precocious puberty (very early puberty). This medication works by shutting off hormones made by the ovaries, so the estrogen (one of the hormones that cause your body to have periods) level is lowered. After the initial estrogen surge, the estrogen levels go down which temporarily stops the period which in turn relieves the endometriosis symptoms.

Available in Strengths of 22.5mg & 40mg.

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Trade Name

ELIGARD 22.5mg

Generic Name

Leuprolide Acetate


Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Prostate Cancer

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1 x 22.5mg


22.5mg, 40mg