Temperature-controlled supply chain

Temperature maintenance is as important as the drug itself from synthetic molecules to biologic, proteins etc as per WHO – Good Distribution Practices, certain medicines need to be manufactured, transported and stored at very specific temperatures.

We at ShreeKrishna Lifecare ensure that every temperature sensitive product (such as vaccines, serums, biological, and test samples) is stored in a cold room & handled with care and kept in thermal packaging and temperature-controlled containers.

Use of cool ice packs, no direct contact to maintain the temperature levels, data logger in the cold boxes to maintain a record of temperature throughout the shipment are some of the essentials we adhere to.

Named patient supply

Saving a life is the utmost goal at ShreeKrishna Lifecare! Rapidly changing lifestyle and ever increasing stress levels, disease patterns have seen a shift towards rarer and more uncommon diseases. For patients who have exhausted all alternative treatment options and do not match clinical trial entry criteria or need medication which are rarely available, are classified as Orphan drugs, Unlicensed Drugs or Special drugs as per WHO. ShreeKrishna Lifecare has the expertise with the best framework to source these medications from across the globe specialising in Oncology, Antiretrovirals, Cardiodibetic, etc.

We are trusted to be reliable partners for any Medical and Healthcare sourcing from India and economic prices.

Certified Exporter

We undertake cross-border distribution by Utilizing morally approved supply channels while maintaining the standards of supply chain security. A certified exporter, following all policies & rules, and regulations of trading, our Export process is recognized worldwide because of our paramount quality, services, and delivery procedure.

A reputed member of The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), ShreeKrishna Lifecare is ISO 9001:2003 Compliant.